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Employment Services

Fragile Pampas

Job Prep, Development & Placement

  • Personalized assistance, support, and resources for job seekers with disabilities. Comprehensive employment services provided through partnership with Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)

  • ​Services are tailored to individual need and may include the following:

    • Personalized Career Profiles, Resume Building , Interview Coaching, Employment Search & Placement, Pre-Employment & Career Exploration, Work Readiness Skill Building, Vocational Assessments, Supported Employment, Job Coaching & Development, Job/Task Analysis & Systematic Instruction, Behavioral Support Strategies, Employer Education Service, and/or Assistive Technology.

Job/Task Analysis and Instruction

  • Task-based employment supports to assist clients on-the-job. Supports may include help with learning the job, working through different situations, and communication strategies.

  • ​Services are tailored to individual need with the intention of client independence and fading intervention/prompting.  

    • Job Site Analysis conducted through worksite observations to understand tasks and duties of the job. 

    • Task Analysis provided by breaking down each work task into smaller teachable steps.

    • Systematic Instructional Strategies tailored to individuals needs and including: Direct and Indirect Verbal Cues, Modeling, Natural Supports, Pictures/Written Instructions, Visual Cues, and Fostering Workplace Relationships

Internship/Temporary Work

  • Time-limited, paid work to provide in-depth knowledge of day-to-day work requirements in a competitive integrated setting.

  • Try out a job, determine an appropriate vocational goal, determine needs for rehabilitation technology or job accommodations, assist with work hardening, or develop a current work reference or new skills.

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